December 28, 2008

The front door opening.

The guest room's window opening.

The wall between the guest room and suite as seen from the guest room.

The suite looking towards its front hall doorway and the front door beyond.

Looking towards the front door from the front hallway at the living room end.

Basically the same as the previous picture, but showing the doorway to the suite better.

The guest room's inset wall and window framing.

The suite's inset wall with its two window openings.

The inset wall at the guest room showing how the inset is framed by and connects to the dome. The recessed corner is the future location for the electric meter and the heat pump.

The inset walls between the guest room and suite and between the suite and front door inset are built within the arch of the dome. We're still undecided as to whether we want a small wall to close off the arch or to leave it open. This is the suite to front door inset junction.

Looking towards the suite to guest room inset junction.

Looking from the living room into the front door hallway you can see the detail of how the edge of the inset wall fits against the curve of the dome.

Detail of the junction of the suite and guest room insets. Notice the upright framing has to be shorter as it gets closer to the arch area.

The junction of the guest room's inset wall and the dome.

Su-z's "arch" at the junction of the center hallway and common area. The wood between the second floor joists is used as a firestop.

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