January 24, 2009

Home for the weekend and what do I do? Of course I work on the house wiring. One of the front door light fixtures smurfed.

The other front door light fixture box in the wall.

An outside view of a front door light fixture box.

The other front door light fixture box.

One of the two light fixture boxes over the back door.

Installation of the back door light fixture boxes and smurf tubing completes the downstairs outside wall electrical boxes.

The balcony light fixture and smurf tubing.

The balcony light fixture (top) connects to the inside balcony light switch (center) via smurf tubing. The outside balcony electrical outlet box is at the bottom. The two tubes to the right will be routed through the floor to tie into the electrical system.

An outside view of the balcony light fixture box.

The outside electrical outlet box on the balcony. Now that all of the outside electrical boxes are done, we can have the work inspected and the outside of the shell finished.

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