January 18, 2009

The front door. Su-z is trying to decide the color for the "Speakeasy" window. I'd prefer it match the door, but she is thinking a contrasting color. I'd also like to see the door darker, but it's her house. I just pay for it and get to stay there when I'm in town. (Welcome to the world of the cross country trucker!)

The back of the house in daylight. These openings face south.

The northwest facing part of the house and the front door in daylight.

The northeast facing part of the house and the guest room window on the first floor. One of the reasons for not putting two windows in this cut out is because the heat pump and electric meter will be in the shade of the arch to the left of the window.

Windows on this section of the dome would make it much harder to control inside temperatures when it hits the 115-120+ degree marks. This is the morning sun "side".

The afternoon sun "side". The south facing doors and windows will be in the shade of the "eyelids" because of the inset walls. The doors shouldn't get much if any direct sunlight in the summer when the sun appears much further north than now in winter. The windows in the patio area will get direct sunlight only in the early morning (the breakfast nook window) or late afternoon. (the kitchen window)

Back to the front and the north facing double windows in the suite. No the building lot isn't tilted. The camera woman is.

I hope she's still holding the camera tilted or else Shannon is going to have a hard time closing the front door.

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