January 10, 2009

The clean common area floor. The walls to the suite and guest bathrooms are to the left and the wall to the laundry room is straight ahead to the right of the stairs.

Monday or Tuesday the window crew should be putting in the doors and windows. It's hard to see but one of the workmen used the board at a slant so the water will not gather on the window ledge. It is made to run off. I think all that neat looking wood will be covered with efis which Ray's new worker has had 10 years doing.

The clean floor in the suite looking towards the guest room.

The clean 2nd floor looking from the stairs towards the future home of the master bath (left of the windows).

A close up of the base for a front window inset wall.

An overview of the second floor area. This will be divided into the bedroom (closest to the camera), sitting room (Farthest from the camera), master bath (to the left) and walk-in closets (to both sides and even with the camera position). The balcony is directly behind the camera. We've had numerous of Su-z's friends ask to rent the second floor as an apartment. I've made it quite clear that it "ain't gonna happen" and even suggesting it to ME would be grounds for summary execution! After all of the work involved, I think the courts would let me off for temporary insanity!

Trying to get a picture of the entire second floor is tough. Too much floor area for the camera's lens. (Without stepping back and snapping a picture while falling off of the balcony.)

Looking east across the 2nd floor from a closet's future position to the stairs. A closet's wall will be to the right of the upper stairwell, but we are deciding between a wall and a railing around the deep hole of the lower stairwell. The large rectangular work light is on the landing between the upper (right of the light) and lower (left of the light) stairwells.

This and the next picture are looking straight up from the center of the second floor to the highest point in the dome.

This area will be "popcorned" and a small planetarium projector will give us a moving night sky show projected above the bedroom and sitting room.

More details of the base of a window inset wall. I still have some electrical outlet boxes to install under the windows.

The spaces between the base and the dome wall not required for smurf tubing for the electrical boxes will be turned into storage cabinets or shelves.

Looking from the northeast window inset wall of the second floor towards a walk in closet location. The balcony's inset wall is to the left.

Same place, trying to get as much floor in the picture as possible. We could always use the downstairs suite as the master bedroom and turn the second floor into a roller skating rink!!

Looking towards the steps from the closet area. (Taken from the closet location shown in the previous picture and looking back at where Su-z stood to take the previous picture.)

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