January 7, 2009

The northeast second floor cutout.

The northwest cutout.

The guest bathroom doorway framing is done. This will be the bathroom for the downstairs common area as well.

The doorway framing for the center hall's suite entrance (straight ahead) and guest room. (right)

The northeast facing guest room cutout (1st floor) and sitting room cutout. (2nd floor)

The north facing double windows of the suite (1st floor) and sitting room. (2nd floor)

The northwest facing front door cutout (1st floor naturally!!) and sitting room. (2nd floor) The finished house will not include the gargoyle hanging from the second floor.

The south facing back door cutout (1st floor) will have double french doors vs the balcony cutout with its single french door. (2nd floor)

Inside pictures showing some of the details of the cutouts on the second floor.

This one looks like a meeting of caveman and 21st century. The high tech window framing vs the "cave drawings" on the concrete dome surface.

This and the next two pictures are looking out past the second floor window framing. The bottoms of the window frame inset walls are angled out for water drainage and the panel visible to the left in the first picture, right in the second and center in the third gives even more angle for drainage. I hope it is too steep an angle for birds to nest!


Su-z defying gravity to get some closeups of the outside flashing and sealing. I hope her insurance is paid up. We sometimes call her "Grace", but not because it is her name!

This is why she was risking life and limb. She wanted a picture showing the wall under the second floor windows angling out to the shell to prevent pooling of water from our infrequent rain. Hopefully the angle will also stop birds from nesting and messing on the dome.

Night settles on FenixDome again, but each night it looks more like home.

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