January 6, 2009

The second floor inset wall closed in and the window frame sealer and flashing being installed. This is the center opening.

Stepping back for an overview of the house as seen from the northwest. The "front" of the house as seen from the street would be centered on the windows to the left of the front door.

Framing of the second floor northwest opening is almost done.

The "rear" of the house looking at the enclosed balcony. The opening will get a french door. The back door and patio are just below the bottom of the picture.

Standing on the balcony looking from side to side. Su-z has already decided that she will spend most of her home time up stairs.

The other side of the balcony.

The inside of the balcony inset walls. Su-z stood in the area that will be a walk in closet eventually. Who gets which closet will probably be decided by which is the larger. I expect that I will get the smaller initially and get to keep it until Su-z fills hers and starts stealing mine bit by bit. You other guys can probably relate to that!!!

Inside view of the north window framing being sealed.

The look on his face says that maybe he's trying to decide if he wants to do some more sealing or just dump the can of sealer on that pesky woman with the camera.

Guess he decided that sealer was too expensive to waste on shutterbugs.

More foaming sprayed on the fire stop over the arch. It's little touches like the arches that impress us about Ray. Su-z throws changes at him and he thinks for a few moments and fits them in.

Night falls again on the FenixDome. North opening to the right and northwest to the left.

Northeast opening.

North opening by itself.

Northwest opening by itself.

North (center) opening again. The sitting room is going to have quite a view.

Northeast opening again.

A panel covering the doorway opening almost makes it look like they forgot to put the doorway in to the balcony.

Note to wife: Wait for the dust to settle BEFORE snapping the shutter.

Much better, but where did HE come from? Oh that's right, Warren's one of the guys building this place. I guess he can be here.

The "Strip" magicians have nothing on us. Poof and he's gone.

Can you tell that Su-z loves her balcony?

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