January 5, 2009

Foaming of the inset walls begun

The full thickness of the foaming can't be done until after the electrical inspection. The inspector has to be able to see that the smurf tubing is done right.

The balcony inset wall getting closer to completion.

Looking through the inset "wall". This is to show the actual floor size on the balcony. There's enough room for 4-6 chairs for watching the strip.

A closer view of the window framing and inset wall on the front of the second floor. The window installation crew will have a simple job plugging the windows and doors into their frames.

Framing the top of the balcony inset wall.

The downstairs guest bathroom finally got its little wall finished. The entire downstairs is now framed.

Back upstairs, more of the balcony inset wall being done.

A night view through the front windows with streetlights in the distance. I'd prefer stars, but the city lights are too bright these days.

The finished framing on the balcony inset wall.

Inside the guest bath room looking towards the guest room.

Some foaming done in the fire stop above the central hall arch.

If the walls aren't completely tight, The oozing when the foam is sprayed seals them.

Is it house yet?

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