January 4, 2008

The Northeast cutout window framing on the second floor.

Working on the center (north) cutout's window framing.

The framing for the balcony.

Back to the front window cutouts.

The "eyelid" above the front door taking shape.

The eyelid above the suite cutout.

The guest room "eyelid" still needs to be done.

Smurf tubing in the guest room for the exterior electrical outlet boxes.

Inside electrical outlet boxes in the guest room.

Smurf tubing from the electrical outlet boxes in the guest room will connect to the circuit breaker box in the utility room.

The back door cutout smurfing is done and Dave's putting in some outside electrical outlet boxes.

The first floor inset walls used an entire 200' roll of smurf tubing.

The crew had to turn on work lights as they tried to get as much done as possible today. The center (north) inset wall on the second floor.

The northeast inset wall and window framing.

The balcony inset wall at sundown.

The second floor is starting to look like more than an empty dome.

The northwest cutout is next on the agenda.

Our house or a newly landed UFO?

The crew celebrating a long day of work's completion.

The rear of the house.

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