January 3, 2009

Smurfing begins. The triple switch box by the front door controls the outside electrical outlets, the front porch lights and the front hall lights. The tubes on the left are for the outside electrical outlet box. The lower one goes to the power switch and the upper connects to the other front outside outlet boxes.

Backing up to get an overview of the front hall smurf tubes. This will be our reference picture when the foam layer has covered the tubing.

The left side inside electrical outlet box in the suite. The tubing still needs to be clamped to the framing to eliminate any possible movement.

Overview of the inside electrical boxes in the suite.

The suite electrical boxes showing where the power will come in from the ceiling.

One outside electrical box will be on each side at the corner of the suite and guest room inset walls. The tubing shows how they will connect to each other and up to the ceiling to connect with the next box.

An outside electrical outlet box will be in the corner of the suite and front door inset walls. The tube on the right connects to the outlets in the previous picture and the tube on the left goes to the outlet box to the left of the front door.

Dave at work installing the triple switch box by the back door.

The window framing in front of the second floor cut outs.

By the northwest cutout.

By the center (north) cutout.

The base for a second floor inset wall.

Back down to the first floor and the finished triple switch box by the back door.

Outside, looking up at the eyelid above a cutout. The tops of the inset walls are being framed to tie them to the dome shell.

Looking out the guest room window.

An upstairs cutout's framing.

It was starting to get cold as the wind shifted to out of the north. These 3 cut outs face the wind. It will be nice when they are closed and the windows are installed.

The back door inset wall is getting its upper seal. Now if I can figure out how to get my smurf tubing past the wood to connect with the other electrical wiring in the ceiling!

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